Twisted Pair can help you with your small business IT and computer needs.

Protect your entire computer network with our Managed Antivirus solutions. For a yearly fee, we monitor each computer and act accordingly when possible threats appear. You won’t ever even know the virus was a threat.

We offer several backup solutions that range from local to cloud managed, so you can restore your precious business data in case of a disaster – that means theft, tornado, flood, or nuclear holocaust. Your data was kept in a separate location outside your building.

We choose, configure, and install switches, routers, access points, and cables. That means a total internet solution for every type of device you have on your network – wired, or wireless.

We can run, punch, and maintain ethernet cables for your business if they are not laid down already or have been ruined.

We have a variety of subcontractors and contacts for specialized services that we don’t directly offer. We work with other local businesses in Springfield to get the job done. We don’t just leave you on your own for a job that we can’t finish.

We can help you with remote support which means we can help you solve a problem with one button press – via the internet, and with your permission, we can be logged on the computer without being there in person – that means we can help you nearly instantly if you are 30 minutes or an hour drive away. For smaller issues, we don’t even need to be at your business.

A lot of times, you can’t switch your existing hardware due to software constraints or other reasons. We can help repair and maintain your current computer inventory and locate and install new replacement parts for them.

Other services

Here’s some more business services Twisted Pair offers.

    Cloning hard drives – we can clone hard drives for business or otherwise desktop deployment. We have cloned 40 PCs over the course of a day for a client

    Total computer ordering and installation services – We can do every part of getting a new computer for your business. We can order, configure, and drive out and set up the computer for your business.